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Inside the building, visitors can trace the history of the Hongqi brand and learn about the company's innovative ideas and advanced technologies.


Internet technologies connect people from different places with various demands in minimal time and enable transactions to be made online, said Xu Yaquan, a professor with the School of Humanities of Nanchang University.

International students at the Modern College of Humanities and Sciences at Shanxi Normal University learn to make dumplings in Shanxi province on Dec 20, 2017 to welcome the coming Winter Solstice and to educate foreign students about Chinese traditions. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]


International students are safe and being taken good care of amid the novel coronavirus epidemic in China, said Victor, a German student in Central China's Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasted that the COVID-19 outbreak will bring opportunities for online classrooms and education, remote offices and online activities, 5G industry applications, unmanned commerce and services, and fresh food e-commerce in relation to the accelerating rise of contactless businesses and services.

Investors holding a long position in stocks of consumption-related companies in China's A-share market will likely reap rich dividends over the long term, given such companies' outstanding sales and strong financials in the first quarter, market insiders said.


Involving three State-owned Chinese carmakers - FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor and Changan Automobile - as well as the country's largest internet companies - Alibaba and Tencent, T3 is set to become another challenger in China's ride-hailing market.

Instead of answering them back he used his behavior to change their mind. During the past two decades, he spent some 2 million yuan (9,500) to support more than 200 students to study in universities.


Internet product and service providers should avoid offering online content that may lead to juvenile indulgence to ensure a safer cyberspace, a draft revision said.

Internal email: Microsoft forms new 5,000-person AI division; key exec Qi Lu leaving after bike injury (1,500 Facebook likes, 2 comments) Published: Sept. 29, 2016

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