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Orders from DB has been steadily rising since then. A previous media report said by June of 2015, Ma Steel had shipped over 10,000 wheels for passenger and cargo trains of DB.


Other documents Cohen said he would give up include copies of financial statements for 2011 -- 2013 that Trump allegedly gave to such institutions as Deutsche Bank, copies of letters Cohen wrote at Trump's direction that threatened his high school, colleges, and the college board not to release his grades or SAT test scores, and a copy of an article with Trump's handwriting on it that reported on the auction of a portrait of himself.

Operational profits (EBIT) of BMW's automotive segment rose by 62.9 percent to 1.5 billion euros (.67 billion) in the third quarter, resulting in an EBIT-margin of 6.6 percent.


Ono, herself an avant-garde artist when she met Lennon while he was still a Beatle, collaborated closely with Lennon and has sought to preserve his legacy since his death.

Only a plenary meeting of the NPC can adopt amendments to the Constitution and laws related to the country's fundamental systems.

Other areas of Amazon’s business face similarly complex data processing and decision problems, such as product data ingestion and categorization, demand forecasting, inventory allocation, and fraud detection. Rule-based systems can be used successfully, but they can be hard to maintain and can become brittle over time. In many cases, advanced machine learning techniques provide more accurate classification and can self-heal to adapt to changing conditions. For example, our search engine employs data mining and machine learning algorithms that run in the background to build topic models, and we apply information extraction algorithms to identify attributes and extract entities from unstructured descriptions, allowing customers to narrow their searches and quickly find the desired product. We consider a large number of factors in search relevance to predict the probability of a customer’s interest and optimize the ranking of results. The diversity of products demands that we employ modern regression techniques like trained random forests of decision trees to flexibly incorporate thousands of product attributes at rank time. The end result of all this behind-the-scenes software? Fast, accurate search results that help you find what you want.


Only days ahead of Li's visit, China introduced huge new tariff cuts covering consumer goods and automobiles to help increase imports.

Other key Amazon news from the third quarter include its big Prime Day sales extravaganza; its epic hardware event; and much more.


Other research and development efforts gained momentum late last year when stainless steel exports increased by nearly 5 percent, the company said. Silicon steel is also one of the company's pillar products.

Other top government officials have beefed up efforts to explain the law to the public. In a local radio program on Saturday, Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah said violators of the National Security Law may permanently lose the right to run for public office.

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